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Welcome to the National Student Information and Career Center


The National Student Information and Career Center has been founded in order to support the development of youth and student projects, contacts with international and national organizations on their different interests. The Center promotes cooperation with European NGOs, networks and institutions working in the field of youth problems.

NSICC is organizing a number of training events and produced a number of materials related to youth information and career development. Youth information includes different sets of useful data for youngsters - career development possibilities, study possibilities, youth exchanges, health and prevention issues, funding possibilities, etc.





The Erasmus+ project Nowadays Digital Media Literacy, Artificial Intelligence and Youth Career Development (DigiAI) has been awarded by Erasmus+ National Agency for Bulgaria for quality development. The Valorization Conference took place on 17.12.2021 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The partnership was awarded for the quality of developed products including Online learning management system, Educational Movies, Competence Framework and Training activities. NSICC was delighted to be part of the project.