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Some of the partners in Bulgaria:

NSICC maintains close relations with a number of youth centers all over Bulgaria, especially in Varna and Plovdiv. They have established fruitful contacts with schools and universities in order to facilitate the young people needing specific information or advice regarding their free time or professional development. NSICC is involved in initiatives, aiming at encouraging and enhancing the personal self-esteem of the young people by involving them in concrete activities. The center has very motivated team of youth workers in the field of career consulting of young people.

Partner organizations from Europe:

In the frame of common international projects NSICC maintains close contacts with institutions from Austria, Ireland, UK, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Liechtenstein.

NSICC has contacts with leading youth information centers from several European countries, namely UK, Spain, and Italy. It has participated in a number of international projects in the field of youth information and career development. It has contacts with youth information networks in Europe.



The main aim of the DigiAI project is to provide resources for specific training in the field of digital competences for pedagogical consultants in VET schools and career consultants in different youth information and career centres as well as for VET teachers in general. The project provides online VET resources and framework to increase the target groups capacity to exploit the full potential of the new technologies and to provide quality and adequate training and advises for the students about their career development.

Via the development of Framework, Learning Management System (LMS), digital movies, training activities related to the topics of digital media literacy, critical thinking and AI in the process of career guidance, the project improves the skills and knowledge of VET teachers, pedagogical consultants and career consultants.

DigiAI project is supported by Erasmus+ programme of EU.

The producs could be used for free at digiai.eu